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"Experimenting and building with Play has been so fun, as it’s allowed me to go from design to using what feels like the authentic thing in just a matter of minutes. The ability to create and play with them in a tool that allows for the actual native element to be used is simply incredible."

Joey Banks

Baseline Design


"Really impressed with Play. Today I was working on some snappy continuous interactions. Origami's normally great for that sort of thing, but it dropped the first few frames of a fullscreen paging gesture, ruined the snappy feeling. Recreated in Play; feels like butter."

Andy Matuschak

Independent Designer & Researcher


"Play is the first tool I’ve seen that provides a space for designers to use the real materials of Apple’s platform to design their apps at a level of quality and fidelity that is unparalleled with any other workflow."

Kathryn Gonzalez

Former Head of Design Infra. · DoorDash


"We wouldn't have shipped the split screen interactions in Amie without our Play prototype."

Dennis Müller

Founder · Amie

Design with real

iOS Elements,

Apple Maps,


Swift Charts.

Access device hardware like





Use Apple's core animation to

craft native interactions.

Export to SwiftUI.

Collaborate across both




Created with


Coming Soon

Variables & Conditions

Advanced interactions using variables and conditional logic.

Native NavBar

Create functional top nav bars using Apple's native elements.

Figma Library Import

Import your design system—styles and components—directly into Play.

Rive & Lottie

Use Rive and Lottie animations in your designs.


Group items using the native iOS Contextual Menu.

Shared Libraries

Share component libraries across projects on your team.

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